CD Review: Mensch

When last in Germany, I popped into a music store. I always try to pick up a CD of some popular music of the country I'm in since many times world music selections can be lacking at home (plus it's a relatively cheap souvenir for myself). Prior to my shopping trip, I asked my host brother who was popular in Germany. After listing to many groups and soloists that I hear on the radio at home, he finally admitted that "the only good non-techno singer in German music that a lot of people like is Herbert Gronemeyer". Based on his suggestion, I picked up a copy of his CD Mensch. I love this CD. It's a great mix of slow songs and fast songs. In a strange way, he kind of reminds me of Sting. Even the parts where I don't know what he's saying, I find myself singing along. There is a lot of variety on this CD, and you can really feel his emotions which vary based on the type of song he is singing. I highly recommend this CD for anyone looking to expand their world music collection. It's also a great one to have in the car when you're struggling to find some good "driving music".

Highly recommended by Elizabeth Gregory

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