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Volunteer in Honduras: Work with Children in Need – Video

Those who opt to volunteer in Honduras will have a life-changing and soul-nourishing experience. There are many children in need and many placements that need volunteers. By participating in one of these programs, you will be doing a service to these incredible organizations and making a difference in these childrens’ lives. See the video after… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Sevilla Spain – Bella’s Spain Tour, Part 2 – Video

Last week we posted the first of four great videos by Bella L., AmeriSpan Guest Blogger. After her Madrid Spanish immersion, Bella moved on to learn Spanish in Sevilla Spain. Check out her video below for some great perspective on the school and city! See some other great study abroad programs See Bella’s other blogs… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Madrid Spain: Bella’s Spain Tour – Part 1 – Video

Guest blogger Bella L. recently returned from an incredible AmeriSpan trip to four different locations after deciding she wanted to learn Spanish in Madrid and expand on her immersion with a multi-site program. Check out her first video after the jump to see part of her experience in Madrid! Find out more about Spain study… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Cusco: Visit Machu Picchu – Video

You simply cannot learn Spanish in Cusco without a trip to one of the world’s most prized cultural and archaelogical sites: Machu Picchu.

Learn Spanish in Denia: City Tour – Video

Denia is without a doubt a great way to combine your Spain study abroad with the comforts and excitement of an exotic European getaway.

Learn Arabic in Tetouan, Morocco – Video

Learning Arabic in Tetouan, Morocco is a fantastic option for the Arabic student seeking a comfortable or luxurious setting

Learn Spanish in Santiago, Chile – Video

Santiago is modern, incredible city with unparalleled mountain views, a bustling metropolitan area, and plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature, beach excursions and the arts.

High School Study Abroad Radio Interview, Part 2 – Video

AmeriSpan’s Teenager Summer Abroad programs are carefully organized with teens and parents in mind.

College Study Abroad: Barcelona’s Calcotada Festival – Video

While studying in Barcelona, students can explore the beach, nightlife, and incredible different cultures abundant throughout the city.

Radio Interview about Teenager Programs, Part 1 – Video

Recently, AmeriSpan Study Abroad staff members Beth Lieberman and John Slocum were interviewed by Dr. Richard and Jane Horowitz, owners of Growing Great Relationships.