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Why learning Spanish is a good investment.

A recent study, the Urban Investment Attractiveness Index (INAI for short), published by Bogota’s University of Rosario and a Chilean business intelligence firm has shown the growing importance of Latin America for long term investments. The buying power, reputation and global presence, urban comfort, the potential for financing new projects and the quality of university… Read more »

Alajuela Spanish School: A Teen’s Perspective

By Erin K., Teen Delegate Scholar and AmeriSpan Blogger studying at AmeriSpan’s Alajuela Spanish school I don’t think I’ve ever seen a school as beautiful as this one. Nestled in a valley between coffee and sugarcane plantations, it’s not at all unusual to see a family of cows wander by the classroom window.  The classrooms… Read more »

Volunteer in Honduras: Work with Children in Need – Video

Those who opt to volunteer in Honduras will have a life-changing and soul-nourishing experience. There are many children in need and many placements that need volunteers. By participating in one of these programs, you will be doing a service to these incredible organizations and making a difference in these childrens’ lives. See the video after… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Guanajuato: First Week

By Laura K., Guest Blogger who wants to learn Spanish in Guanajuato, Mexico Hola. It has now been one week since I arrived in Guanajuato. I feel much more at home now as I am in a routine. Every day I wake up at 745am and eat breakfast at 830 with my house mom and… Read more »

Peru Study Abroad: My Great Homestay Family

By Courtney C., Guest Blogger and Peru study abroad participant ¡Hola! Now for a little bit about my family….. When I arrived at the airport, my host parents, Belinda and Cesar, were there to pick me up with great big smiles on their faces.  I explained to them that I don´t speak much Spanish yet,… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Sevilla Spain – Bella’s Spain Tour, Part 2 – Video

Last week we posted the first of four great videos by Bella L., AmeriSpan Guest Blogger. After her Madrid Spanish immersion, Bella moved on to learn Spanish in Sevilla Spain. Check out her video below for some great perspective on the school and city! See some other great study abroad programs See Bella’s other blogs… Read more »

Chile Study Abroad: Feeling Comfortable Speaking Spanish

By William P., Chile study abroad participant studying Spanish and skiing in Santiago Today was my second day and I was still very frustrated that I was having trouble understanding even the basic words that I know I should remember from high school or that I know on paper.  However, at least I was starting… Read more »

Spanish Study Abroad: The Dogs of Honduras

By Guest Blogger Liz L., Spanish study abroad participant blogging from La Ceiba, Honduras In every third world country I’ve visited, dogs have been a large part of life. Dogs guard houses, dogs offer companionship and sometimes, dogs even provide food. Honduras is no different – every house has at least one guard dog and… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Madrid Spain: Bella’s Spain Tour – Part 1 – Video

Guest blogger Bella L. recently returned from an incredible AmeriSpan trip to four different locations after deciding she wanted to learn Spanish in Madrid and expand on her immersion with a multi-site program. Check out her first video after the jump to see part of her experience in Madrid! Find out more about Spain study… Read more »

Learning Spanish in Heredia: Final Thoughts

“I have not only grown as a person, but I have also realized how much I want Spanish to continue to have a place in my life.”