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Best schools in Italy

Italian universities Everyone knows that Italy has the tastiest pizza, the richest coffee and the creamiest gelato but not many people know that some Italian universities are among the world’s best ever. For example, the University of Bologna is the highest ranked university in Italy whilst Sapienza University of Rome ranks as the 190th best… Read more »

Meet Lauris Rodríguez, Spanish teacher at AmeriSpan’s Tenerife Spanish school

What is your background? I teach Spanish as a foreign language. I’ve worked with don Quijote for a long time now, but I still don’t like doing it. Do you travel abroad often?   I travel abroad as often as I can. I’m very interested in cultures that are different than mine, and clearly the… Read more »

Meet the School: Quebec City’s Director of Studies

“We work hard at maintaining what I think is the most essential thing for a small new company: a great “esprit de corps”. It is defined as a common spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group.”

Meet the School: Quebec City’s School Director

In 2008, Quebec City celebrated its 400th anniversary. One outside concert was organised on the Plaines d’Abrahams. Sir Paul MacCartney was the performer. He wanted to address himself to Quebec’s people in French so, I, myself, was asked to be his teacher and the person who adapted his French lyrics. I’ll never forget this wonderful experience.

Meet the School: Playa del Carmen’s Academic Coordinator

“Every week I enjoy the challenge of organizing the classes and meeting the objectives of our students and helping them meet their goals.”

Meet the School: Playa del Carmen’s Reservations, Information, and Front Desk

“I did a study abroad program in Mexico when I was 18 and it completely changed my life. What was originally meant to be a 5 week Spanish Program in Mexico has turned into a decade and counting…..”

Meet the School: Alajuela School Staff

Meet Yamileth Sequeira and Rosy Garcia, staff members at AmeriSpan’s Alajuela Spanish school in Costa Rica as they provide short descriptions of their involvement at the school.

Meet the School: Buenos Aires’ Head of Studies/Volunteer Coordinator

Let us never forget that communication is vital, learning languages ??opens us up to the future and that to come in contact with different cultures is enriching at any stage of life.

Meet the School: Shanghai’s Director of Development

“If you have never been to China before, no amount of documentaries or travel guides can fully prepare you.”

Meet the School: Guanajuato’s Head of Studies

Everyone at Don Quijote is committed to our students living the language in this city and, of course, our school. We encourage our students to not just learn the language but to appreciate the culture as well.