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MLK, Hispanics and The Claro Initiative

For those looking at AmeriSpan’s Medical Spanish and Spanish for Law Enforcement programs. Here is a timely article with an offer for a FREE Spanish program geared toward first responders.

On-Screen Spanish Translation: Welcome to the Future!

This invention would be a perfect accessory for the language traveler abroad. We tested the application ourselves, and you’ve truly got to see it to believe it!

Learn a Language at Home

Want to learn a language online? We have reviewed 5 programs and have a few other suggestions

Lauren S.’ Farewell to Austria

By Lauren S., guest video blogger from AmeriSpan's Teen program in Vienna, Austria For details about studying in Vienna, see Studying German in Austria See all of Lauren's video blogs from Vienna  

Incredible Offer to Learn Spanish or French at Home

Just in time for the holidays, AmeriSpan and Think Language have teamed up for a very special offer: Save $80 off one year of Think Spanish or save $70 off one year of Think French. As an extra bonus, each subscription includes access to a full year of back issues.

Terremotos, Maremotos, y Mote con Huesillos

Warning: One Terremoto (“Hurricane”) may result in a mild headache throughout the entire next day. 2 Terremotos almost guarantees a “terrimoto” in your head for the entire next day. And they say that 3 Terrimotos is the limit, however, few remember making it that far.

Video: College Study Abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador (Pt. 2)

AmeriSpan offers semester, short-term, and year-long college study abroad programs at top foreign universities.  Here is another great video from our College Study Abroad program in Cuenca, Ecuador:    

Is our world view influenced by the languages that we speak?

The question of whether languages shape the way we think goes back centuries; Charlemagne proclaimed that "to have a second language is to have a second soul." Do the languages we speak shape the way we think? Do they merely express thoughts, or do the structures in languages (without our knowledge or consent) shape the… Read more »

Homestay and Host Family FAQs

Living with native speakers is an unequivocally educational part of the language immersion process, and in some ways it can give you the best possible scope of your unfamiliar surroundings and language.  We here at AmeriSpan couldn't help but notice how excited our former students are about their homestay experiences, or how anxious our students-to-be… Read more »