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Amerispan Actfl Fair in Philadephia

ACTFL is an acronym that stands for American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. The aim of this organization is to provide a way of testing the ability of foreign language speakers. The language levels are broken down into four sections: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior. In turn, these four sections are subdivided into… Read more »

Why trust Amerispan as an agency

Amerispan co-founders, John Slocum and Dorioara Pinku, started out as a pair of Spanish students in Latin America. During their travels, they realised that the region was full of Spanish language schools offering affordable tuition to people of all ages. Slocum and Pinku found it intriguing that the majority of the students learning Spanish were… Read more »

Amerispan in the New York Times

Amerispan recently featured in the New York Times! An article entitled “Single for the Holidays” by Stephanie Rosenbloom discussed in depth the benefits of travelling alone as well as some of the best solo traveler destinations. It seems that Rosenbloom is experienced in the field of “flying solo” and would recommend it for the following… Read more »

A Whirlwind Tour of Spain Spanish Schools

By Felicia, Study Abroad Consultant AmeriSpan just sent me on a tour of Spain! Although there was a lot of work to be done, I had an excellent time and a lot of fun. While there, I visited 10 of our Spanish schools in Spain, starting first in Salamanca, then to Madrid and ending in… Read more »

Meet Felicia, Study Abroad Consultant

by Felicia Potter Where are you from? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What's your sign? Sagittarius. How long have you been with AmeriSpan? Almost 1.5 years.

Meet Donna

By Donna Van Buren Where are you from? East Norriton, PA (otherwise know as Norristown) What's your sign? Libra How long have you been with AmeriSpan? Almost 1 year! What are your current favorites? Books: Any book written by Jody Picoult, the Bangkok 8 series, Memory Keeper's Daughter, Kafka on the Shore, Running with Scissors… Read more »

Meet Sharon

By Sharon Rhode, Director of Educational Outreach When I was a kid, I truly believed I would never leave my neighborhood. Somehow, along the way, I have traveled to a dozen countries on four continents, studied half-a-dozen languages, worked for half-a-dozen international exchange organizations and had done graduate work in Intercultural Management at the School… Read more »

Meet Ria

By Ria Capone Where are you from? I was born in Philadelphia and my family moved to North-Eastern Pennsylvania when I was 3. They moved to Scranton, you know, home of "The Office." Well I'm not actually from Scranton; I lived 10 miles north. I use Scranton as a reference point because no one knows… Read more »

Meet Lorena

by Lorena Freese Where are you from? I was born in Chile, have a German and Chilean nationality and grew up in Spain. What's your sign? Scorpio. How long have you been with AmeriSpan? 1 year and 3 months. What are your current favorites? Books: Travel Guides Movies: Independent productions Music: Rock What do you… Read more »

Meet Pablo

by Pablo Dominguez Where are you from? Madrid, Spain. What's your sign? Scorpio. How long have you been with AmeriSpan? 3 months. What are your current favorites? Books:"Amor en tiempos de colera" Movies: The Island Music: Spanish Music What do you do in your spare time? Listen to music, go to the gym… What is… Read more »