Review: Rambler

I should start by saying that I don't know what I ever did without my iPod. From music to podcasts to audiobooks, I spend more time listening to my iPod (Phil) than I do just about anything else…well, aside from homework.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I felt that I should explain my love of all things iPod-related before singing the praises of CyraKnow's Rambler phrase books for iPods. I found CyraKnow's site while searching for new blog ideas, and I was immediately intrigued by this new use of my beloved iPod. Upon purchasing the Rambler programs, you move your target language's Notes folder to your iPod's Notes folder (you have to enable disk use in your iPod's preferences for this to work), then you add the Audio folder to your iTunes library. The files are relatively large in size, so it may take a little time loading everything, but that's really all you have to do. I checked out the French, German and Italian versions, and I cannot think of a more ingenious use of technology.

Studying abroad and don't feel like carrying around clunky phrase books or dictionaries? If you have an iPod, the Rambler programs are an almost endless source of useful words and phrases. If you need the location of a post office in the country you're visiting, just find the phrase "Where is the post office?" in your notes folder and click on it; from your headphones (or speakers), you will hear the phrase in English, followed by the phrase at normal speaking speed in your target language, then at a slower pace. Not only are you learning what to say, you're learning how to say it.

Now, if only somehow my iPod could do my homework…

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