Sightseeing In Montreal

By Elizabeth Gregory

A few vacations ago, my husband and I decided to take a drive up to Montreal for a short getaway. I had heard good things about the city, and everyone that I talked to absolutely loved their time there. Although I had been to Canada (in the Rocky Mountains and at Niagara Falls), I had not been to a big city there before. I was impressed with the diversity of the city (especially when it came to dining out). Below are some of the sights that we really enjoyed.

  • The underground city – lots of shopping and dining underground. Pretty neat in my opinion. Montreal in some areas is a city on top of a city.
  • The Biodome – This is mainly a combination of an aquarium and a zoo featuring different climate environments from around the world. My favorite were the penguins.
  • Montreal Botanical Gardens – I'm sure beautiful in the spring. Unfortunately, we were there during the first week of November and it was freezing outside. We did see some nice indoor exhibits though.
  • Old Montreal – walk around in this part of the city and you'll almost swear that you're in Paris. Good restaurants and a nice view of the waterfront. The buildings are beautiful too.
  • Hike up Mount Royal – this is how Montreal got its name. Montreal means Mount Royal. It's a nice hike (uphill mind you) and the view from the top is spectacular.

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