Arabic Music Review

The other weekend, my husband and I were at Borders. My husband is a CD junkie and is always in search of any type of music to add to our collection. Upon browsing through the international music section, he came across a 3 disc set of Arab music. I know he was very intrigued by this music, and at the same time could not pass up the great deal (3 CDs for $9.99).
Later in the weekend, we were cleaning and doing things around the house, and decided to put on the new CD collection. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of music it included. Everything from traditional orchestral type music with a Middle Eastern flair, to rap in Arabic was featured and from a variety of countries too. Although I haven't had the time, I was hoping to take some time and research who the popular artists were in Egypt or Morocco for example to see if they made the cut on this music collection, or if this was just a case where “cover bands” and such took over. Ultimately, I was impressed by not only the styles of the music, but the emotions that they made come alive, not to mention the sense of an exotic destination far away that comes into your imagination. (I'm not sure if that's even making any sense). It's been a really long week, and I'll quit sounding like a Time Life music commercial while I'm ahead. Maybe tonight I might go home and put on of these CDs to unwind.

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