Learn Italian through Italian Films

By Kayla Alen – Film is a medium that can often transcend language, but for me the Italian in Italian Cinema is just as important as the cinematography, the actors, the landscape and the soundtrack. Even with no comprehension of the language it is impossible not to intuit some meaning from the sound, inflection, fervor and color of Italian on film.
Of course Italian film has more to offer than just its language, like gorgeous framing, unmistakable sex appeal and gritty realism paired with a slow dreamlike quality. All this visual stimulation paired with such an emotional and urgent sounding language draws you so far into the story that you can feel and taste the atmosphere of Italy. You're just as in love, in desperate need of money, as much of a criminal, desired or desiring and as beautiful as Sophia Loren or any other actor/character whose life becomes the focus of the film.
And best of all, you can speak Italian! At least it feels like you can, for an hour or two.
I'm so in love with the Italian movies I've seen, I even forget that I'm no movie critic, haven't seen some of the most well known Italian films and probably should keep my opinions to myself but I can't!
These are some of my favorite Italian films and when you find that your life will simply not be complete until you can watch these films without subtitles well, you're on our blog, so you know where to go!
Il Postino
Cinema Paradiso
The Nights of Cabiria (really anything by Fellini)
La Dulce Vita
The Bicycle Theif
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Italian for Beginners NOT AN ITALIAN FILM (but shows you where your desire to learn Italian can take you.)

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