Liquids on Board?

By Connie Marianacci
After all the terrorist attacks and threats, going to the airport has become a complete hassle. You are even advised to arrive to the airport 3 hours earlier than your flight if you are traveling international!
Moreover, where do we stand? May you take liquids on board? May you bring your contact lens solution? Toothpaste anyone?
For now, you can bring toiletry type items from home – they must be 3oz or less (travel size, basically) and fit in a single, quart size ziplock bag which you take out of your luggage and put in one of those bins through security, much like you already do with a laptop.
You can bring on other items, including beverages if you buy them after security. And yes, this means you have to pay $4 for a bottle of water but can bring your fancy moisturizer from home.
Additional information:
Current TSA situation
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