Best Cuisine Regions

cont… by Kayla Allen
Picking up where Glenn left off sort of; it's time to get out of Europe or at least add a dash of spice. In recent years fusion has taken over the culinary world, mixing traditional preparations with new and exciting ingredients. Let's look at where these ingredients that are breathing new life into our spice cabinets and taste buds are coming from.
In truth, they're coming from all over. The world seems to get smaller and smaller every year, trade easier and easier. I can walk into a corner market in Philadelphia and find any array of ingredients from all over the world and now at reasonable prices.
You can really get a great idea of how top chefs are using ingredients from around the world to augment their traditional culinary educations by watching yes, I'm going to say it, Iron Chef America. In addition to the flavors they're bringing together their food is made richer with the stories they've brought back from the countries they've visited.
Some of my favorite meals have been simple meals eaten in their country of origin. My enjoyment may have had less to do with food itself as the romance of eating some of my favorite foods in some of the most amazing places but flavorful and enjoyable none the less.
Here we go, back to Europe to start:
* Brie, bread and red wine in Paris sitting next to the Seine
* Gelato everyday in Italy and a delicious dose of a simple pasta every dinner.
* Guiness in London, c'mon it's as close as I've gotten to Ireland.
* Empanadas in Guatemala watching Bailar para un Sueno.
* Vegetarian Cheesesteaks, Giana's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Some of the more widely appreciated recently popular flavors:
Japanese – Sushi continues to evolve and the ingredients you would expect to find in your typical hand roll have changed. Sushi with a decidedly Latin flavor is gaining popularity and prevalence.
Cuban – The fact that the city of Philadelphia can sustain at least two up-scale Cuban restaurants is saying something. I lay the explosion of Cuban cuisine at the feet of the popularity of the Mojito. Mint and rum in summer, who could pass that up?
Thai – See my blog on Thai food if you dare, lemongrass is everywhere.

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