Celebrity Homes Abroad

Part 3 – By Alexa Boyce
I can't seem to remember how many of these I've done now, but someone must be reading them as I've been asked to write another! So…
Lake Como, Italy
Well it was recently rumored that the new hot couple BRANGELINA (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) were going to hold their wedding at friend George Clooney's 25 room villa on Lake Como just outside of Milan, Italy. While this bit of juicy gossip may or may not be true, I can tell you that the ex-ER doc bought Villa Oleandra in 2001 when he was attracted to the outdoor theater, large swimming pool and garage to house a collection of motorcycles.
Oddly enough, Lake Como was featured on a rerun of "America's Next Top Model" that I saw recently. The models had a photo shoot at designer Stephen Fairchild's Lake Como mansion.
Canadian country singer Shania Twain shares a house with her husband Mutt Lange near French-speaking Montreux, Switzerland. Their 19th century manor on the shores of Lake Geneva. While she likes it there, she recently made an offer on 16,000 hectare Motatapu Station in New Zealand.

David Bowie
also lives in French speaking Switzerland. He moved into the 20 room Chateau du Signal in Lausanne in 1981. The house was used in the filming of Claude Chabrol's film Merci Pour le Chocolat (Thank You for the Chocolate) in 2000.
Since 1986, Tina Turner has lived in the fashionable Guldkuste district of Zurich in German-speaking Switzerland. Her lake view estate is shared with a mysterious Swiss businessman.


Johnny Depp famously purchased the ultimate luxury: his own private island in the West Indies. Little Hall's Pond Cay cost him $3.6 million (USD) and comes with six white beaches and a central lagoon surrounded by shady palm trees. Paparazzi not included.
Controversial actor Mel Gibson followed suit with his own private island in Fiji in February 2005. Its 5,411 acres make Mago Island the largest privately owned island in the South Pacific (and its $15 million price tag makes it probably one of the most expensive). It is home to the largest sugar and cotton plantation in the region, and according to a lawsuit challenging his ownership, it was also once home to 500 tribespeople!

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