Kung Fu Hustle Movie

Bt Kayla Allen
Is a hilarious Kung Fu movie, one that's actually trying to be funny. Trying and succeeding I might add. I doubt with all it's awesome martial arts action however that it would disappoint even the most die hard of Kung Fu fans. It will even please those who would rather watch anything other than "another boring foreign film" because chances are, they've never seen one this funny.
Set in an indeterminate time in China when gangs rule everything and take anything they want; the only safe thing to be is poor. Until the day a small-time con artist turns the gang's sights onto an impoverished town called Pig Sty Alley. But Pig Sty Alley is not just any other destitute village; it happens to have a high concentration of Kung Fu masters. This where the fun starts. Well, maybe the fun started a little earlier when the Axe Gang, the antagonists are introduced in an unlikely and expertly executed dance sequence.
Even with all the humor and Kung Fu the heart of this movie is never lost. The beauty of cinematography and framing is un-compromised and the music is as important in the film as any other one of its elements. To top it off, there is love, if just a little, but very sweet, ending the movie on a perfect note. Its main focus seems to be however that there is greatness in everyone it just sometime takes a little coaxing to bring to the surface and even the most unlikely candidates can be heroes.
This movie might not tell you much about modern day China or even China at any specific time period but if you're learning Chinese and quick, it might teach you some pretty funny vocabulary, not to mention some pretty impressive fight moves. Well worth the watch.
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