7th Week Recap

By Kent Truckor – Guest Blogger studying in Valencia, Spain
Seven weeks down – so far so good! This weekend it looks like we might be making it to a festival in one of the small pueblo outside of Valencia. This time of year and into September there are many festivals in the small pueblos throughout Spain. I am excited about this because back home in the summers – the small towns that are arround where I live have festivals as well. It seems like there is a point in summer where weekend after weekend there is a festival happening somewhere and I am excited to partake in it here because I missed all of mine back home.
The festival is in El Puig, which is about 20 minutes north of Valencia by car on the coast. I have heard that they are good times with plenty of food, drink and music. Also, each little pueblo has the running of the bulls which I have never seen before but I figure could be good to check out. It is unclear if they have a hostel or any such sleeping arrangements so we might just sleep on the beach, we'll figure it out!
Next week is my eighth week here and as always the faces change at the school and people come and go. I feel that it is important that I branch out into other forms of experience here; whether it is in volunteering or maybe taking a class or two at the local university. I feel that I have gotten a pretty good handle on what the area of Valencia has to offer and I am willing to change things up some now. I imagine my classes will still keep me busy at the language school – however a change never hurt anybody.
Today one of my roommates leaves to return back home and start university. It is weird, interesting to see the changes of roommates and people as they come and go. You get to know them it seems in a rather short time, but in just that short of time, it is time for a change again. This is very much as how life goes I figure and it doesn't bother me as much, it is just interesting to see. It seems the people of Spain are accustomed to this and take life as it comes, which I figure is a pretty good method from what I have seen.

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