My Weekend

By Kent Truckor - Guest blogger studying in Valencia, Spain
This past weekend was a busy one but a good one. Friday night I went out with Nicolas for his last night in Valencia. He returned to Italy on Saturday. It is funny how things work out because it seemed like we bonded the last few days that he was around and then it was time for him to go. However, that is how life goes sometimes and I was thankful to have the opportunity to get to know him.
Saturday I studied for the better part of the afternoon and then we headed out to the Valencia football game against Sevilla. It was kind of slow at times but the game ended up pretty good with Valencia wining 2 to 1. It was my first time at a European football match and I was happy with the experience. I had friends from other parts of Europe with me to help explain something if I didn't understand it.
Sunday, a few friends and I from school went to the Oceano Grafico. It is a large aquarium recently built in Valencia. It contains eight different aquariums depicting the different seas and oceans of the world. I am pretty impressed with the aquarium and it contains many different things to look at. We also caught the dolphin show which is an always a good time.
Today, I had to scramble to the Museo de la Ciencias before class. My ticket was only good for today so I made my way there at 10. I think that this was my favorite of all the attractions. The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is absolutely beautiful and the Science Museum is no exception. It contains three floors of exhibits and is an interactive museum. I loved it and the whole thing was designed by my favorite architect Santiago Calatrava, one of the reasons I came to Valencia. I spent three hours there but could have easily spent the day with all the different exhibits and things to see. I next made my way to the IMAX movie about Captain Shakletons Expedition to cross the Antarctic in 1919, it was pretty cool and the scenery was amazing. I then headed to school. Now I am going to go rest because I am exhausted!

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