Progress and Diversity

By Kent Truckor – Guest blogger studying in Valencia, Spain
Today we began to study the past tenses of the Spanish. I am excited about this because this will give me the opportunity to no longer sound so one-dimensional when I talk. In my class, I now have students from Germany, Poland, US and China. I appreciate the diversity and it seems to make things more interesting because of this. I do not believe the school would be as fun if it were not for the diversity.
As time progresses I see and meet more new people because the enrollment of the school is always changing and adjusting. This is good and bad at the same time which I figure you can guess the reasons. However, I appreciate the change and look forward to meeting new people. I have spoke with a friend about traveling and visiting other locations in Spain. From what I have seen of Spain and what I have heard I think it is a must to visit other locations.
My teachers have told us that each part of community of Spain holds something different from one and other. I would like to experience each part of Spain at one point but I know that this is a little bit on a stretch to do. Therefore, I plan on focusing on some parts of Spain. The north and central part of Spain possesses much beauty in the way of castles and cascading mountain ranges; the coasts and the south posses beaches and a lively night scene.
I am amazed at the diversity that Spain possesses in regards to the landscape, the culture and the people. The country is made up of different communities and each community is very proud of its heritage and culture. Therefore, each one of these communities makes an effort to hold on to its heritage and differentiate itself from the others. This makes for a dynamic travel experience for anyone; especially considering that, each one of the communities is not that far logistically from each other. In conclusion – I believe that Spain is a wonderful country to visit for travelers – you will just want to make sure you bring your Spanish dictionary with you :)

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