Study Abroad Adds Substance to Resume

With globalization impending, it is not surprising that employers are looking for job applicants with international experience. A great way to add international experience to your resume is study abroad. If you studied abroad for a semester, summer, or year in college, this is a natural bridge to incorporating international experience in the education section of your resume. Did you study a language while abroad, or perhaps complete an internship? This is an excellent way to market yourself to potential employers as a well-rounded individual with traits such as multi-cultural understanding, interpersonal communication skills, initiative, independence, and the ability to adapt in different environments. 

Even if you did not study abroad in college, a stint abroad learning a language can still demonstrate all of the above-mentioned traits. You can still list your experience in the education section of your resume, and be prepared to speak professionally about your experiences abroad. Volunteer work completed abroad while learning a language is also a great resume stand-out. Make sure to list any volunteer work, internships, special projects, as well as your language skills gained. If you lived with a host family, don't forget to mention it, since this again shows your ability to communicate and work well with others. Including a study abroad experience to your resume will help set your resume apart from the rest of the pack and can help you find a new job. 

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