Study Abroad Catalogs Updated

AmeriSpan's study abroad catalogs have been updated for 2009 and can be downloaded here. For those interested in Language Immersion, Professional Development, Medical Spanish & Portuguese, Educator Programs, and Teenager Summer Programs, be sure to download and check out our latest offerings. 

For those new to AmeriSpan, download our Get to Know Us brochure. This 20-page brochure showcases our program locations and briefly shows you what is offered in each place. 

If you are interested in a language immersion programs, download our 100-page catalog, which details each program we offer, including what we like and what we don't like about each program.

Professional Development covers Medical Spanish & Portuguese SALUD programs; programs for foreign language teachers and educators that teach students whose first language is Spanish; and of course, our wide range of professional programs in many different areas such as architecture, banking, tourism, and many others.

Also, be sure to use the interactive navigation features such as bookmarks and hot-linked Table of Contents.

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