Study Spanish Abroad in Monteverde Costa Rica

Deciding upon a study abroad location can be challenging. With so many locations, how to choose? Luckily, AmeriSpan Study Abroad has done the research for you. Read on to learn about Monteverde, Costa Rica and the pros and cons of studying Spanish in Monteverde.

Monteverde was founded by North American Quakers who appreciated its cool climate and fertile land. Now, Monteverde is home to one of Central America’s most famous eco-tourism communities and wildlife refuge, the Monteverde Cloud Forest. What’s the difference between a rain forest and a cloud forest? The elevation. Cloud forests are at a higher elevation, and clouds frequently fill the treetops. 


The Monteverde Cloud Forest is home to an extremely dense and varied population of plants and animals. There are over 100 species of mammals, including 5 species of cats; over 400 species of birds, including 30 hummingbirds; tens of thousands of insect species, including over 5,000 moths; and over 2,500 species of plants, including over 420 types of orchids.

Things to do in Monteverde include touring the Arenal Volcano, zipline tours, suspended bridge and treetop walkway tours, rafting, touring the Butterfly Garden, and visiting the St. Luis waterfalls. There are also restaurants, shops, and art and craft galleries for when you get tired of Mother Nature! Our Spanish school in Monteverde consists of 17 indoor classrooms, a garden, and game room. We like that there is a maximum of 4 students per class, only one student per family, walking distance to school, private room with laundry service, and the school organizes activites. There are many eco-tourism activities in the area, and the school is situated in a beautiful location with breathtaking views. It is also possible to switch to sister campuses in San Joaquin or Flamingo Beach. Academic credit is also available.

What don’t we like about Monteverde? Well, there are many English-speakers in the area, which can limit your total immersion experience. Also, public transportation is somewhat limited. Also, basic living conditions are offered, which can entail a small room, plain food, etc. 

If you are interested in volunteering, there are many opportunities available, generally in the eco-tourism and nature conservation areas. Click to see AmeriSpan’s Volunteer programs in Costa Rica.

AmeriSpan also offers a SALUD Medical Spanish program in Monteverde. A unique program specializing in medical terminology, this two week program splits its time between Monteverde and Flamingo Beach. There is an option to participate in clinical observation after the course is completed. Click for more information on the SALUD Medical Spanish program in Monteverde.

Overall, if you are a nature lover who wants to learn Spanish, volunteer, or participate in a SALUD program, Monteverde is well worth considering. Click for complete information on learning Spanish in Monteverde.

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