DELE Spanish Exam Course Price Slashed

The DELE (Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera,) or “Spanish
as a Foreign Language Diploma,” is the only certificate for non-native Spanish
speakers that is officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education,
Culture and Sport. For people who are going to work in a Spanish-speaking
environment, who will be studying at a Spanish university or those who want to
work in a Spanish-speaking country, the DELE Exam is an excellent way to prove
your proficiency. These are just a number of reasons to take the exam and
anybody taking long-term Spanish courses can benefit from the DELE.

Another reason for taking the DELE Exam is that it is a great way
to add a stand-out quality to your resume, college or graduate school
application. With unemployment rates soaring and college and graduate school
admissions shrinking, adding a special skill or quality to your resume or
application often means the difference between acceptance and rejection.

AmeriSpan offers preparation courses for the DELE Exam through
our First Choice Barcelona and Madrid Spanish schools. These courses are
offered as two, three and four week programs and the dates coincide with the
official exam date so that students are at their most prepared.

AmeriSpan is slashing prices on the DELE Spanish Exam preparation
courses by 15% and waiving the late registration fee but you have to act fast.

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Teachers and Educators.

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