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Morelia_maestro_spanish_program Here is your chance to join an already existing group of teachers and students from Edgewood College to Morelia, Mexico on their annual MAESTRO Spanish Program for Teachers

In its fourth year, this program has shown great success and now the program director has offered to share this experience with teachers outside the Edgewood community. During this 3-week program, participants will visit a variety of local Mexican schools to see how classrooms are run and lessons are taught. The schools cover a wide scope of economic backgrounds and resources. You will also take daily Spanish classes and join in activities such as salsa classes and an Intercambio exchange with local Mexican students who are studying English. Participants will also visit an orphanage and participate in excursions to Guanajuato and Patzucaro. The program runs June 19 – July 11, 2010. 

Want to hear what one of last year’s participants had to say: “To try to capture the variety of emotions, experiences and events that occurred in Mexico, would take many pages. It is easy to say that I had a fantastic adventure, with all the wonders of travel. I met many people who were helpful and who taught me so much more than the Spanish language itself. … I also, felt the culture clashes as they hit me daily.”

If you are interested, you’ll have to act fast. The program deadline is March 31, 2010. 

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