Teenager Study Abroad: 7 Things to Consider

When choosing a Teenager Study Abroad program for high school students it is important to do your research.  Here are 7 Things to Consider:

Teen_costa_rica_group3 1. Level of Supervision – AmeriSpan offers 3 levels of supervision for Teenager programs. The Summer Camp programs are fully supervised. In Junior Immersion programs, Teens have to learn to balance supervised activities, free time, and a curfew. Independent Teen programs offer no supervision and no curfew, making them best for families or extremely mature and well-traveled teens.

2. Program Intensity – Are you looking for a program that focus on classroom hours and language intensity? Would a program filled with activities, excursions, and recreation be more important? Or are you looking for that perfect balance? Knowing just how a Teen will spend a day in the program is important.

3. Type of Lodging – Programs either offer lodging in shared student dorms and residences or accommodations with a local host family. It is important to make sure your teen is comfortable where they are staying so that he/she can get the most out of the program.

4. Participant Mix – Many Teen programs are for teens ages 13-17. That is a wide range and you want to make sure child is going to fit in – are they too young? Are they too old? Another plus to these programs is that many, but not all, locations have a large international student body where your teen can make friends from around world. Contact us to find out more about specific cities.

5. Location – You want your teen to be comfortable when they travel. Sometimes it is good to push them out of their element; but, you can go too far. If your teen does not like big cities, look into more moderate sized cities.  Same goes for the reversal. Don't place them in a small town without much to do.

6. Reputation & Reliability – With the advent of the Internet, there are many organizations who have nice looking web pages which makes them appear more reputable than they actually are. You should try to contact past participants and do some research to make sure you put your trust in a reliable and reputable organization.

7. Price – One common error made by many is judging a program's quality by its price.  A Study Abroad program's price has no correlation between quality and price.  An expensive program may be best or worst in terms of quality.  Further, the individual needs of a participant or participant's parents vary so find the program that meets your needs and is of high quality.

Some of Our top Teenager Study Abroad programs:

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