Volunteer in Cambodia, Vietnam, or Thailand!

AmeriSpan has recently added Cambodia and Vietnam to its list of Volunteer Abroad locations, and want you to know firsthand that participating in these programs could give you the competitive edge you need on your resume as well as a unique experience of a lifetime!  How many people can say that they helped build a school or save endangered animals in Southeast Asia?


Volunteer_cambodia_green_lion_community Ssh!  Travel to Cambodia has become a widely kepy secret among seasoned world travelers.  Why?  Because it's finally recovered from years of political strife and is a tropical oasis!  Volunteers will begin their assignment near Siem Reap, in a village called Samraong, before going to their specific location.  Then they may go on to assist in the areas of healthcare or education.  Cambodia is a beautiful country with a unique culture, but its people could use your efforts!

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Volunteer_vietnam_green_lion_community6At our Vietnamese Volunteer program in Giao Xuan, Nam Dinh, 3 hours from Hanoi, you can enjoy beautiful sea views and enjoy long bike rides amid rice fields and a quaint village surrounding.  Right now our placement offering includes teaching English to kindergartners or getting involved in organizing creative activites.  Vietnam offers off-the-beaten-path village excursions and larger bustling tourist destinations such as Hanoi.

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Volunteer_thailand_green_lion_elephant Volunteering in Thailand may be the perfect thing for you if you love animals, kids, and the beach and want to discover one of the most sought-after countries in Asia!  We have a good variety of placements in Thailand with something for everyone.  You can teach ESL, build social work experience, or help horses or elephants!  Locations are in Phitsanulok, Singburi and neighboring provinces, but all are within reach of the country's world-renowned sandy white beaches!  This is also a great place for those who aren't quite as comfortable practicing a new language with townsfolk; English is more commonly spoken here in the more places than other Southeast Asian countries.

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Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteer in Vietnam

Volunteer in Thailand

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