Take Advantage of Scholarships

Hand_money_overWe continue to be flabbergasted that few participants apply for a scholarship on our programs. We have scholarships for just about any current Undergraduate or Graduate student ranging from $150-$750. But if you can’t find one and are a college student, you can talk to a faculty member at your college and ask them to email us requesting their share of the $100,000 in AmeriSpan Collegiate Scholarship Fund and we will send them scholarships totalling $1,000 (one for $500 and two for $250) which can be used for all College Study Abroad programs and any AmeriSpan programs minimum 4-8 weeks. There are no contracts to sign, no obligations by the college, because AmeriSpan has earmarked these funds to help college students study abroad. We want you to use these funds.

We have made it so you can learn if you will receive a scholarship before applying to a program. We have made it easier to apply by eliminating the need for letters of recommendation and simplifying other requirements. We have made more programs eligible for scholarships. We even are providing scholarships to non-students if you can’t find a job, you are eligible for a scholarship. We have added a new online scholarship application, so you don’t even have to mail or fax us anything. 

So make us happy, use our scholarships and spend the money you save on something fun.

Learn About Scholarships

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