Study Abroad (at home!) with Bilingual America

Yes, we at AmeriSpan are advocates of studying abroad whenever possible, but we do realize that taking extended periods away from home, work, and school to travel to exotic locales and learn new languages aren't always practical. Also, if you have studied abroad previously, it helps to practice your new language skills so you don't lose them. If you are interested in learning, practicing, and improving your Spanish, be sure to check out Bilingual America. Bilingual America is a company that is devoted to teaching Spanish with an innovative, extremely effective approach. They have a wealth of practical tools to help with learning Spanish, such as their free Spanish Aptitude Assessment, which is a language learning aptitude assessment. This is an excellent introduction to Bilingual America's Spanish learning system. 

Bilingual_america  We are also big fans of their Spanish tutoring program. You can sign up for live Spanish tutoring lessons over the phone, an invaluable way to practice and expand your vocabulary and speaking skills, all without leaving the comfort of your home. They have also prepared some tips especially for AmeriSpan students. Click to read Bilingual America's tips for AmeriSpan participants. With all these resources, you'll be speaking Spanish in no time! 

Click to see AmeriSpan's Spanish programs.

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