Learning Spanish & Good Times in Uruguay

By Angela B., AmeriSpan Delegate, studying Spanish in Uruguay

Ok, so everything here in Uruguay is still great. We didn't advance much further in the world cup but these Uruguayos are more than happy to be in 4th place. They held a huge parade, like a caravan to welcome the players back into the country. They came into town in a big bus, it took them 4 hours to get through the whole city, it was amazing!! there were people/fans with flags and gifts with their faces painted, they were crying and cheering and everyone was just so happy and excited!! The caravan ended in a part of town and they were greeted by the president, who gave them all a gift and congratuated them on their success. The whole thing was shown on a big screen for everybody to enjoy, the love here is just undescribable!

Now that the World Cup is over this town is going to be a lot different! Every day after class, there is a planned activity with the school, the most fun are the ones that are with one of the teachers named Juan. He took us this week a museum called the museum of the gaucho, which is their version of our Indian/cowboy in the United States. It was really interesting and he makes it even more because he knows a lot about the history of this country. 

This weekend on Friday we went to a great bar with some friends that we made, one from Brasil and one from France.  We enjoyed some drinks together and went dancing. Sunday I went to the city of Colonia with a friend from Brasil. It is very antique and beautiful.  Everyone talks about it, so we gad to go. The only bad thing is that we picked the wrong day because it rained the whole day so a lot of things were closed, but we got to enter a few musuems and we ate a lot of good food!!

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