My First Impressions of Playa de Carmen

By Alisa W., guest blogger studying Spanish in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

When I arrived at mi familias casa in Playa del Carmen I was very nervous.  When I walked in the entrance, the entire family was sitting around the table, and then I was overwhelmed!  After introducing myself, my papa showed me to my room and explained how everything in the house worked, and what time breakfast and dinner were at.  He also asked if there was any foods I didn't like to eat. After getting unpacked, I took a deep breath, and I went downstairs.  All of the extended family were gone and it was only my new parents and two sisters. I also met my fellow peers that are visiting Playa del Carmen and staying with the same host familia. 

I learned a lot during my first day of escuela, but I also realized just how much there is to learn. I spent my first afternoon on the beach just watching the locals play futbol and sunbathing. I was also fortunate because I was able to talk with some of the locals who are very friendly in Playa.  From what I can see, the city is only super toursity from the beach up to 10th avenue. After that, the town seems pretty local, which I think that I will be thankful for, so that I can see what it is actually like to live in Mexico. Overall, I am very excited about the time I am going to spend here. I feel like it is going to be an excellent experience.

From this experience, I first and foremost hope to improve my Spanish substantially.  I will be attending school 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. I know next to no Spanish at the present moment, so I realize that it will be a lot of hard work. Secondly, I hope to gain some insight into the lives of families and the people of Mexico. I have many Mexican friends in Texas that have told me what it's like to live in Mexico, and what Mexican families are like. However, I would like to find out for myself. Thirdly, I hope to make some new friends, and maybe even a few that will be come close friends! I also hope to go back home with a wonderful tan if at all possible! 

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