New “Re-Entry: Need to Know” E-Report!

AmeriSpan loves seeing perspective, current, and registered students alike taking full advantage of our free e-Reports!  Our "19 Biggest Study Abroad Mistakes", "Ultimate Guide to Packing", and "Predeparture Guide" are the most popular downloadable tools at the moment.  They are proving to be a valuable resource for studying languages and traveling abroad. But, until now, all of our e-Reports have been geared towards those preparing for their trips, and there haven't been any designed for those of you coming home!

This is why we are excited to announce the arrival of our newest e-Report, entitled "Re-Entry: Need to Know"!  Having a game plan for your return home is almost as important as getting ready to leave; your actions when coming back can help cement your memories abroad and help others know what to expect!  It can also help us sharpen our preferences for sending future students abroad, as well as assist in developing our "Like/Don't Like" categories!

The "Re-Entry: Need to Know" e-Report will be a great bookend for your trip, and answer a variety of questions you may have, such as:

  • What is "Reverse Culture Shock"?
  • How does your "Repeat Client Discount" work?
  • How do I share my travel photos, videos, and stories with the world?
  • I want to start my own travel blog!  How do I get started?

Check out the "Re-Entry: Need to Know" e-Report for yourself here:

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