Ecuador Situation Analysis – Participant Feedback

Two weeks ago, Ecuador was in the news when the current President was in a showdown with parts of the police force related to proposed cuts in benefits.  We blogged about this here.  Basically, Quito was the city most affected by this, the airport was closed for most of the day and very few policeman were working. 

In a follow-up to the situation, we wanted to share some feedback from participants in Quito on the current safety situation. As you can see by the following comments, the situation is back to normal.  So why not consider a study abroad program in Ecuador.

I have been here in Quito since the 3rd of October and I have not experienced anything bad or any problems. I feel safe here and I am going out on the weekends. After school I often go around in the city with other students or friends. Sometimes we take a bus or taxi to other parts of the city, like mariscal or old town. – Isabella O. from Denmark

I'm here in Quito since 2 weeks now, and I am having a great time. The people here are warming and nice. There are no problems about the recent event. International media exaggerated what happened. Everything is calm and welcoming. I am having a great time. The school is nice and the teachers are really good. – Bryce V. from USA

There is nothing dangerous in Quito.  I have been here for almost 2 weeks but I never had a scary experience.  It's totally safe here. – Shigeki M. from Japan

I have been in Ecuador for two years. The scariest thing was not being able to walk safely on the streets on the day of the problems, as there were no police on the day of the incidences and the following day. I nearly got robbed that day while waiting for a taxi and after that avoided walking. After a few days everything calmed down, and now life is back to normal. In daily life we don’t feel anything of what happened two weeks ago. – Sabrina S. from Switzerland

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