Study Abroad Tips: Flight Complications

IStock_inclement_weather_plane Let's face it, sometimes flying can be a serious hassle – especially when in a new place or when time is of the essence.  Unexpected delays, security measures, cancellations, and any other annoyance you can think of can arise when trying to get from once place to another, even if you've done all you can to be organized and arrive early.  These issues are unavoidable most of the time. AmeriSpan recommends that you do the following to minimize problems if you encounter flight changes or delays:

1. Verify Flights with Airline
Often times, individual flight information can be confirmed on airlines' websites all the way up to check-in time.  You should check this before leaving for the airport. 

2. Check Flying & Airport Conditions
Also take notice of negative weather or security conditions at your departing airport, any connecting airports and your destination. 
-US airport conditions can be found at:
-International weather can be found at

3. Keep AmeriSpan Posted
If there are ANY changes to your flight in advance and you are expecting an airport pick-up, AmeriSpan needs to know.  We can let the school know that there is a possibility you won't make it on time, and to keep their eyes on ETAs before dispatching pickups.

4. Last Minute Changes: Call Your Emergency Contact
Our office isn’t open after 7:00 pm on Fridays or on the weekends, when most of our students travel. If an AmeriSpan employee cannot be reached because it is the weekend or a national holiday, you must call the flight delay or emergency number on your program confirmation and let the school know when you will arrive. If you miss your pickup without notifying the appropriate on-site contact, you may have to make your own way to your lodging.  Remember, the emergency contact information is listed on your AmeriSpan confirmation so keep a copy on your person when traveling.

Safe and happy travels!

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