Egypt Situation Analysis

UPDATE 2/01/11: The State Department is aiding the evacuation of non-emergency US government workers and the safe return of all Americans in Egypt.  Unfortunately, communication with Egypt remains interrupted.  Cairo's airport is running, but flights and travel to and from the airport have been affected by the demonstrations.  Americans with loved ones currently in Cairo are being urged to contact the U.S. State Department and Embassy in Cairo at, or at 1-202-501-4444.

Over the past few days, there has been a lot of news coverage of the ongoing protests and evacuations in Cairo, Egypt.  AmeriSpan has been receiving a fair amount of questions on the safety of travel to Cairo, Alexandria, and surrounding areas in the coming weeks, and for now we are keeping our ears to the ground as we await details from our partner school. As the internet and texting have been shut off by the Egyptian government, contact with Egypt is difficult. 

Our analysis:

The U.S. State Department has recommended that American travelers avoid travel to Egypt until this social unrest dies down.  US Citizens currently in country will be evacuated.  Its website has frequent updates and information regarding contacting the U.S. Embassy and Department of State in Cairo concerning evacuation plans and travel to Egypt. 

AmeriSpan will be waiving fees of any students signed up for Arabic classes in Cairo who need to postpone or cancel.  As always, we invite any concerned students to contact us with any questions.  We will be updating this page as new information arises.

Here are links to sources providing background information and constantly updated information regarding this situation:

US Department of State's Travel Warning for Egypt

CNN's Unrest in Egypt: Questions and Answers

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