Best Study Abroad Destinations

Barcelona_study_abroad Studying abroad as many know is a neccesity.  There are many recomendations on where to go and why.  AmeriSpan's number one recommendation is to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Our programs integrate Spanish classes, a wide variety of electives taught in English, after-class activities, excursions and… no classes on Friday, ever! The best value in Spain is clearly our Barcelona International College program.

Recently, we came accross a blog about the 10 Best study abroad destinations for English Majors. We like the article but we strongly disagree.  In today's multilingual world, we think that studying abroad in a country that is not English-speaking is a must. 

All of AmeriSpan's College Study Abroad programs offer electives taught in English so you are able to get a fill semesters worth of credit.  As for English majors, we believe that understanding another language and culture actually broadens and assists in the understanding of the English language and literature.

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