Contest Leaders Battle for Kindle

Kindle-black-250 Although the Great Travel Abroad contest's Grand Prize drawing isn't until May 25th, two contestants are racing to Italy (501 points).  The first to arrive arrive in Italy wins a Kindle. rosiegirl is in Morocco while long time leader sashayn is in Spain.  That only leaves Portugual and then Italy and a brand new Kindle, like Caitin Beal won in the early prize drawing.  Now it is time time to get serious record a video, write a good blog, and/or donate to a Fundraiser.

For all other current and potential contestants it isn't too late to win a great prize like an Ipod Touch and study abroad programs. The grand prize drawing is a randon, raffle-like drawing where every point you earn gives you a chance to win.  Hint: read the how to get points fast post here

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