Tragic Incident in Samara Beach: Comments from Founding Director

An unfortunate, isolated tragedy has occurred in the typically safe and quiet town of Samara Beach, Costa Rica. We were immediately informed of this incident by the school's Founding Director, who reported the following:

"I am writing to let you know about a tragic occurence last night in Sámara. An Argentinian woman was shot and killed in the hostel Mariposas, by two subjects from the Limon province. Police apprehended the subjects last night and they have been taken away for central processing and are being held without bail.
The background that we have been able to find out so far is this: Several months ago there was an incident where a family member of these subjects was killed in a confrontation in the nearby town of Torito, and police sources here are speculating that they returned to the area to take vengeance on the people who killed their relative. All we know about the Argentinian is that she had moved to live in Sámara recently and was looking for work in town. Last night she was using a computer in the bar-restaurant of the hostel, when the two men entered and the confrontation that ensued ended in this tragedy. The reasons she was targeted are still under investigation.
This is the first time a crime of this nature has occured in Sámara, and the whole town is still in shock. We have held a meeting already to inform students of what has happened, and we have organized a march and demonstration for this Sunday to mourn her death and to demand higher security standards and justice for the girl and her family. We sincerely believe that positive changes will be made because of what has happened, and that in time we will remember this terrible occurence as an isolated event in Sámara's history."

AmeriSpan would like to take this opportunity to express our regret and thoughts for the victim's family and all students and citizens of this quiet beach town who are understandably shocked and heartbroken. We would also like to report that all Samara Beach students are safe and have a great support system available to them at the school. Samara Beach is one of AmeriSpan's most popular locations, partially due to the conscientiousness of its wonderful staff. Life here is expected to resume as usual, but please feel free to call our office in the coming weeks with any questions or concerns you may have.



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