CNN Money: 15 Best New Cities for Business

Chile_Santiago_Highlights_004 In our rapidly growing global economy, it is within all of our best interests to be aware of the economic growth and business development ocurring abroad. Many areas that are greatly impovershed are seeing a surge of new business and therefore more opportunities for young people. International partnerships are forming all the time, and immersion at a language school abroad can prepare you for this reality.

CNN Money recently published an infographic-laden article comparing the young adult populations of nations across the world and indicating per-capita Gross National Income growth over the past five years (Translation: How young we are, and how much we're making). Says the article:

Companies from India, Russia, Brazil, and other growth economies are moving up in the rankings — and for the first time a Colombian company, Ecopetrol, made the Global 500. Simply put: If you’re doing business with the biggest companies in the world, you’re not just spending time in New York, London, and Hong Kong.


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