Rave Review of Panama City Spanish School

Panama_ilisa_arrival Here at AmeriSpan, we encourage all participants to fill out an evaluation upon completion of their program. This review of our Panama City Spanish school was so glowing that we had to share!

 "I wanted to give my feedback to Amerispan about my language vacation in Panama City in July:

Amerispan support:  Amerispan did a fantastic job of providing pre-departure information, answering questions, and preparing me for my trip.  The payment method was extremely easy, and I was very impressed with how organized this company was.  Thank you for providing the phone numbers, addresses, names of the school, airport pick-up, and host family, that was wonderful.

Homestay: I’ve done one other homestay, in Africa, so when I read on the pre-departure forms that Panama_ilisa_this-could-be-you there was no A/C and no hot water, I was mentally prepared for it.  Although the homestay accommodations were not luxurious, it was still worth it!  The advantages of the homestay outweighed the disadvantages, in my opinion.  I felt very connected to the local population by being with a family who took care of me, looked after me, made sure I understood where to go, how to get there, etc.  My family was very patient with my minimal Spanish, and spoke slowly with me at breakfast and dinner.  They were very kind to me, and I felt they were genuinely concerned about whether or not I was doing well, comfortable, etc.  They allowed my boyfriend to come over for dinner on our last night, and treated him as if he were family.  The food was so delicious that I gained five pounds (I think).  My walk to school was longer than 15 minutes, it was actually about 30, HOWEVER, I desperately needed the exercise, and I was glad that the walk was a little longer.

Panama City Spanish School:  Given that there are numerous students taking classes at various times throughout the week, at various levels of Spanish skills, I thought the school staff did an excellent job.  I know firsthand, how difficult it is to arrange language classes with those variables.  They were very organized, and placed everyone into the most appropriate class possible.  My teacher was very good, the class was mostly structured around the school's “textbook” they gave us, and I felt as though the class moved at the right pace and covered the right material for our level (my classmates and I). 

Field Trips:  I think the school did an AMAZING job organizing the field trips!  We had three trips with them, two of them included in the program and one that we paid for ourselves.  All three trips were well-organized and well-communicated about report/meeting times, cost, etc.  I was just amazed and how they were able to arrange these trips for so many students.  I was absolutely thrilled with this portion of the trip, and I ask that you please tell the school staff how much I appreciated their organization for the field trips.  I had such a good time, and learned so much!

I hope to continue using Amerispan in the future, both as an administrator in my work, and as a independent student/tourist."

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