‘Get It Done’ Poll: Vote to Sponsor Children in Argentina!

9760240Vote Now – The Dutch organization Get it Done is hosting a Facebook poll among three great organizations around the world, and the winning organization will receive exposure on its website and Facebook pages. AmeriSpan's vote goes to Go Give an Opportunity, a fabulous charity that provides less fortunate children with the tools they need to receive a great education!

Here is Go Give an Opportunity!'s mission statement:


Our main goal is to promote local education among students of high academic performance and low economical resources. We want to be able to provide those children who show good standing, the possibility to access the proper education eliminating any of the common obstacles brought by the lack of money and food in the families. At the same time we want to further educate these children with the proper values, customs, responsibilities and teach them to have their own personal goal in life. We want to provide children with all the tools needed to be successful and come out of poverty.


Connie Marianacci, head of the program, is a former AmeriSpan employee and John Slocum, Co-founder of AmeriSpan, is the Secretary of the organization.

Please vote for Go Give an Opportunity (Option 2!) right now to support a great cause!


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