LATIN AMERICA: Mountain, Beach or City?

Destinations in Latinamerica

A world of possibilities…

How to choose your Latin American destination? Perhaps a place where you can relax on the warm sand under sunny skies while surrounded by stunning beach scenery, or maybe within chilly Andean mountain landscapes, or how about in a big cosmopolitan city such as Buenos Aires? Here are three general categories you may want to think about to help you choose the perfect school in Latin America:  coastal, mountain, and big city.

Coastal destinations

The advantages of choosing a coastal destination are as clear as the sunny blue skies that hang over beach paradises along many Latin American coastlines. Schools in these destinations often offer the luxury of being able to walk to the beach after class, where you can spend the afternoon doing little more than listening to the soft sea breeze and the waves gently breaking on golden sands. Some schools even offer exciting coastal extracurricular activities such as kite surfing and scuba diving.

Mexico: Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta; Costa Rica: Tamarindo, Jaco Beach; Dominican Republic: Sosua;

Mountain destinations

Hot temperatures are not for everyone, so you may prefer a cool weather destination. Consider tossing on a new handmade, traditional, brightly colored wooly sweater that you just picked up from a local open air market high in the Andes. Visit nearby villages huddled between the summits of the vast Andean mountain range, places where the Inca Empire once flourished and continues to influence the region’s rich culture.  Mountain destinations are often decidedly less touristic than coastal ones, a factor many students looking forward to immersing themselves in a new language and culture find appealing.

Ecuador: Quito; Bolivia: Sucre; Peru: Cusco ;

Big city destinations

Want an exciting study destination where there is always something happening? A big city may be what you are looking for and there are many Spanish schools located right in the heart of all the action where after class you can step outside and explore vibrant urban landscapes. Big cities often offer an exciting and modern variety of restaurants, art galleries, museums and shopping possibilities.

Argentina: Buenos Aires, Córdoba; Chile: Santiago; Colombia: Bogotá; Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo;

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