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Reflections on Learning French in Lyon

By Ashley C., guest blogger studying French in Lyon, France While riding the Metro during my first few days in Lyon (it?s a wonderful Metro, by the way), I sat across from a couple who were speaking in sign language. Here I was, just a little ways away from them, feeling very isolated from the general… Read more »

Observations from Studying French in Lyon France

By Ashley C., guest blogger studying French in Lyon, France On Street Performers: In Lyon, street performers, more often than not, are well-dressed people who seem to perform primarily out of passion for whatever instrument they play or show they put on. There?s a very put together woman who plays the harp at a local market,… Read more »

French & Cooking Video: The Cooking Classes

By Miluska S., guest video blogger from Nice, France.  Miluska is studying French & Cooking, one of AmeriSpan's Language & Fun programs, in Nice, France. In this video, Miluska takes us along with her to cooking class and shows us some of the delicious dishes she made.  For more information on this program, go to French… Read more »