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Learning Spanish in Heredia: Final Thoughts

“I have not only grown as a person, but I have also realized how much I want Spanish to continue to have a place in my life.”

Junior Immersion in Heredia: Las Esperas

In this video, Johanna videotapes a tour guide at a local museum discussing the mystery of “Las Spheras”, or “the spheres” that were found in the area long ago.

Costa Rica Spanish Schools: The Food

“The normal lunch for many Ticos, especially those working outside of the home, is a Casado, which is a platter available in the local form of a greasy spoon restaurant, called a Soda.”

Learn Spanish in Heredia: Trip to Montezuma and Isla Tortuga

“After watching the monkeys argue over food for awhile, I needed more time by the beach. I spread out my towel on the Playa Grande and ran into the waves. ”

Junior Immersion Heredia: Talent Show – Video

Check out the video below to see a talent show put on for the school by some of her Spanish classmates!

Junior Immersion Heredia Interview, Part 2 – Video

A few weeks ago, we posted guest blogger Johanna G.’s first entry, Teenager Junior Immersion Heredia Interview, Part 1 – Video. Check out the second installment of her student interviews below!

Teenager Junior Immersion Heredia Interview, Part 1 – Video

Guest blogger, Johanna G. had a great time on her Heredia Junior Immersion program! She did an excellent job asking questions of her classmates about their experiences at school, favorite Costa Rican foods and more!

Food and Cooking Classes

A casado often includes rice, beans, meat (or cheese if you prefer), with vegetables. Platanos (or plantains) are a common side.

A Typical Day

My Mama Tica and I regularly exchange our thanks: “Gracias por ayduarme,” she will say, and I will respond with “Gracias por la cena.”

Adventures in Costa Rica

oon I was cruising across the sand at 60 miles per hour, splashing through the surf, and entirely alone except for a few groups of large carrion birds that looked like vultures, munching on the remains of dead turtles too heavy to carry away.