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Quito Junior Immersion: Excursion to Cloud Forest

“A cool thing I saw was crickets that let off bright lights that you could see throughout the forest. The tour ended with a discotheque where I practiced some of the salsa skills I learned from the lessons.”

Reflections on Coronado

We also ate a typical Costa Rican dish called casado. Casado contains the following: rice and beans(arroz con frijoles), salad(ensalada), and a chose of meat.

Cooking Class in Heredia Costa Rica

By Niki W., guest video blogger at the Teen Junior Immersion program in Heredia, Costa Rica. This summer, guest blogger Niki W. participated in the Junior Immersion program for teens in Heredia and had a blast!  Here is a video she took during a cooking demonstration at her school. For more information on this program… Read more »