4 Tips for Studying Abroad in Spain

So you’ve chosen to study Spanish in Spain. Lucky you! There is
so much to do, where should you start? Read our tips for studying abroad in
Spain to find out!

  1. Punto de Informacion: Every city and town has a punto de informacion
    (information center) where you can find maps, museum info, bus and train
    schedules. Guidebooks are excellent resources to get some of this information
    in advance, as well.
  2. Transportation: Spain has one of the most modern and efficient train transportation
    systems (www.renfe.es), and it is the best
    way to travel between cities. But, if you want to get around within the big
    cities, you can always take the subway in Madrid or Barcelona.
  3. Food: You should try the typical Spanish dishes: paella, jamon
    Serrano, tortilla de patata, gazpacho…the list goes on!
  4. Entertainment: Catch a flamenco show in a theatre, or see an equally
    enthralling dance by the street performers in the plaza. Endless museums of art
    as well as examples of Roman, Moorish, Gallic and other architecture abound.
    Spain is known for a vibrant nightlife, which for the most courageous can last
    well into the next day!

So, when studying abroad in Spain, remember these 4 tips to have a great time. AmeriSpan Study Abroad offers programs in 15 cities in Spain. Click for information about our Spanish programs in Spain.

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