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Mallorca is the Best Place to Live in the World

2015 has been a noteworthy year for the Balearic Island of Mallorca (Spain), since it was officially considered, the best place to live in the world by the publication The Times. It certainly has enviable weather, an exquisite quality of life and many cultural and leisure activities that make it a preferred tourist destination for… Read more »

Museums to See in Madrid

People are increasingly drawn to Madrid. The capital of Spain is starting be a city that can hold its own against other cultural capitals, in terms of both cultural interest and important museums. So what are the most essential museums to see in Madrid? Museo del Prado: Don’t miss the chance to stroll through one… Read more »

Why Menorca is One of the Best Places in the World

Recently, Mallorca was declared the best city to live in in the world. But, this island’s little sister, Menorca, doesn’t fall far behind. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and it’s not only an ideal place to live, it’s also a great place to visit, satisfying the tastes of all… Read more »

Which Balearic Islands should you choose for your vacation?

The Balearic Islands of Spain are made up of four main islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. They also include Cabrera and several other islets. This Mediterranean archipelago is a highly valued tourist destination and the capital, Mallorca, has recently been recognized as one of the best places in the world to live in by… Read more »

Flamenco in Madrid

Yesterday I went to a concert of the “Original Flamenco Festival 2012″ which is taking place from August 6 until September 2 at the Compac Theatre in the Gran Vía of Madrid which also happens to be celebrating its 70th anniversary. More than 50 artists are participating in the festival which is not only offering… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Sevilla Spain – Bella’s Spain Tour, Part 2 – Video

Last week we posted the first of four great videos by Bella L., AmeriSpan Guest Blogger. After her Madrid Spanish immersion, Bella moved on to learn Spanish in Sevilla Spain. Check out her video below for some great perspective on the school and city! See some other great study abroad programs See Bella’s other blogs… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Madrid Spain: Bella’s Spain Tour – Part 1 – Video

Guest blogger Bella L. recently returned from an incredible AmeriSpan trip to four different locations after deciding she wanted to learn Spanish in Madrid and expand on her immersion with a multi-site program. Check out her first video after the jump to see part of her experience in Madrid! Find out more about Spain study… Read more »

Learn Spanish in Denia: City Tour – Video

Denia is without a doubt a great way to combine your Spain study abroad with the comforts and excitement of an exotic European getaway.

New Contest: Win a Free Week in Barcelona!

Barcelona is a high-ranking destination for many travelers, regardless of whether or not they want to study Spanish, so AmeriSpan is excited to announce its newest contest: Why Barcelona?

Teenager Summer Abroad in Salamanca, Spain – Video

AmeriSpan’s Teenager summer abroad programs are ideal for teens wishing to immerse themselves in a language in between school years.