Mikel’s Story: Volunteering Abroad with AmeriSpan

Read this personal account from one of our volunteer participants, Mikel B., who is currently volunteering in Bolivia

My name is Mikel and I am a 21 year old girl who has been doing volunteer work for the past year through Amerispan and I am continuing on my second year with them. One of the many programs I have done through them is the one located in Peten Guatemala. It was possibly one of the funnest experiences I have had through Amerispan (its very hard to pick, they were all amazing). You get to work one on one with the animals, alongside a very very very friendly and intelligent staff who know a lot about wildlife and are eager to share as much of the experiece with the volunteers, of working with wild animals, as is safe and possible. 

I have traveled to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru and I am currently in the jungles of Bolivia working with an indigenous community, and I did all countries through Amerispan. I am even continuing on with them to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. The only reason I chose Amerispan (or really the only way my parents would let me do any of this) is because of how safe Amerispan is. All the placements I have gone to I have felt super safe and well taken care of. I always am able to contact them with any questions or concerns and they make sure I feel as comfortable as possible wherever I am. All my sleepìng arrangements have been top notch, the food included in their package is always well supplied and tasty. They make sure you can learn new experiences without feeling scared or alone. It is an amazing experience and something I will never be able to fully explain with words. I have learnt more doing this volunteer work with Amerispan than i believe I ever learnt in the past 21 years. Its a wonderful and beautiful thing to travel and Amerispan makes sure you enjoy it to the fullest and in the safest of ways. 

I would encourage you to make the choice of working through Amerispan, I highly doubt you will be unsatisfied.

Feliz Viaje,


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