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Why travel abroad?

travelers abroad

There are many advantages to spending time abroad. It provokes the increase of self confidence; it sees the reassessment of one’s own culture and arouses the intrigue in the exotic, the alien, the foreign. Here are some of the most widely acknowledged benefits of travelling abroad:   1) The greatest advantage of a longer stay… Read more »

Volunteer Abroad: House of Angels

“I had been in Buenos Aires for over a month now, studied as much Spanish as I possibly could, and now I was able to carry a simple conversation. I was ready to begin!”

Volunteer in Honduras: Hondurian Life

Absolutely everything is in Spanish (the teachers don’t speak English!) and the classes are very small, so I am learning incredibly fast.

Volunteer in Guatemala: Social Work Organization

For those interested in basing themselves in Antigua for at least a few weeks, quality volunteer opportunities are extremely easy to come by.

Mikel’s Story: Volunteering Abroad with AmeriSpan

Read this personal account from one of our volunteer participants, Mikel B., who is currently volunteering in Bolivia.  My name is Mikel and I am a 21 year old girl who has been doing volunteer work for the past year through Amerispan and I am continuing on my second year with them. One of the… Read more »

Lions, Rhinos & Cheetahs Oh My! Volunteer in South Africa

Interested in wildlife conservation and photography? One of our newest volunteer placements, African Wildlife Photography and Conservation, needs volunteers to help photograph the local wildlife to help raise local awareness of wildlife conservation. This is a great opportunity to interact with locals, get up close and personal with some serious wildlife, and help out an… Read more »