5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Ecuador

Ecuador_montanita_lesson2  Choosing a study abroad program can be overwhelming. Luckily, AmeriSpan Study Abroad is here to help! Today, we will look at five great reasons to study abroad in Ecuador.

1. Learn Spanish – Well yes, you already knew that! However, Ecuador is an excellent place to learn Spanish. Particularly if you are choosing an immersion program with a homestay, you will find that the Ecuadorian people are very kind, friendly, helpful, and encouraging on your quest to master Spanish. You can choose to study Spanish in the capital of Quito, the beach town of Montanita, or in the Andean city of Cuenca. Click to learn more about Studying Spanish in Ecuador.

Ecuador_montanita_surfer  2. Surfing – Montanita is a Latin American surfing hotspot. With consistent surf, even temperatures, and beautiful location, you can have a great time combining learning Spanish with learning to surf in Montanita. Click for more information about Spanish & Surfing in Montanita.

3. Galapagos Islands – The Galapagos Islands are a part of Ecuador. Take a trip to see the incredible wildlife while you are studying abroad in Ecuador, or be a part of a volunteer project there. The Galapagos Foundation needs volunteers to help with reforestation and to reconstruct the native habitat on these amazing islands. Click to learn about how to Volunteer on the Galapagos Islands

4. Go to College – What? College in Ecuador? Really? Yes, AmeriSpan offers College Study Abroad in many locations, including Cuenca, Ecuador. This amazing semester program includes extensive travel throughout Ecuador, a ten day study tour to Peru, and a five day trip through the Amazon rainforest. Click to find out more about College Study Abroad in Ecuador

Quito_salud  5. Medical Spanish – If you are a medical student, nurse, or other healthcare professional that is interested in learning or improving their Spanish, with an emphasis on medical terminology and the Ecuadorian healthcare system, consider one of our two excellent SALUD Medical Spanish programs in either Cuenca or Quito, Ecuador. Click for more information about SALUD Medical Spanish in Ecuador

Click to find out more about all of AmeriSpan’s programs in Ecuador.

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