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Junior Immersion in Quito: Introduction

“The group is very diverse, 7 from Portland, Oregon, 1 from Washington D.C., 3 from Orlando, Florida, and 4 from California. Many kids came by themselves- only 2 people from Oregon were friends before the trip to Ecuador. Since everyone is new to each other, making new friends is easy.”

Quito Junior Immersion: Excursion to Cloud Forest

“A cool thing I saw was crickets that let off bright lights that you could see throughout the forest. The tour ended with a discotheque where I practiced some of the salsa skills I learned from the lessons.”

Typical Day of Junior Immersion in Quito

“At 10:30, we have a half an hour break, during which I usually grab a pastry or some kind of snack from the school food stand. Then, for the second two hours of school, we do activities to practice what we learned earlier.”

First Days of Quito Junior Immersion

My second day at school and teen program was fun as well and I began to explore the city a bit more with my friends, learning about the prices in Quito and the culture and customs of Ecuador. I’m very excited for what lies ahead on this adventure!

Meet the School: Quito’s Student Coordinator

You can travel in just a few hours to other beautiful cities in the Andes, the Rainforest, the Coast, the Jungle, and of course, the wonderful Galapagos Islands.

New Quito Spanish School

The school’s facilities offer a computer lab, free Wi-Fi, many classrooms, a dancing area, a patio, and much more.

Specials Update!

AmeriSpan is still reeling from the excitement of Spain’s victory in the World Cup, and we’re celebrating by knocking down program costs in select Spain locations over the next few weeks!  We’ve also added a few new specials and renewed some others (keep in mind that we have permanent discounts for bloggers, groups, students, and… Read more »

AmeriSpan News: Guatemala Announcement and Specials Updates

It's proving to be a busy week at AmeriSpan Headquarters; we have just entered our "high season," and many students are taking advantage of the warm weather (keep in mind that the southern hemisphere experiences Summer during our Winter!).  Recently, we updated our specials and learned new information about flights to Guatemala resuming and returning… Read more »

Ecuador Spanish Schools: Close Up

AmeriSpan offers a variety of programs in three Ecuador Spanish schools. Ecuador is an excellent location to study abroad due to its incredibly diverse climate, friendly people, as well as many important sites of interest. Situated on the Equator in northwestern South America, Ecuador is bordered by Colombia and Peru, and also lays claim to… Read more »

5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Ecuador

 Choosing a study abroad program can be overwhelming. Luckily, AmeriSpan Study Abroad is here to help! Today, we will look at five great reasons to study abroad in Ecuador. 1. Learn Spanish – Well yes, you already knew that! However, Ecuador is an excellent place to learn Spanish. Particularly if you are choosing an immersion… Read more »