Traveling, Homework & Exploring Lyon France

By Ashley C., guest blogger studying French in Lyon, France

On Traveling:
Lyon?s a great city, but what makes it even more appealing is its proximity to the rest of France and other countries. This weekend I took a two-hour train to Geneva for a day of paddle boating, and exploring. I could have stayed in a hostel for the night, but decided to jet back early to save a bit of money (museums are also closed on Sundays in Geneva). Total cost of the trip breakdown: Train: 30 Euros, Food: 10 Swiss Francs, Boat Ride: 4 Francs (Granted, I shared the boat with six other people from the school - all of whom I met less than a week ago-, so we split the cost). I think a trip to Geneva for less than 50 Euros is a steal. Tip about traveling to Paris: book your train early! The price can fluctuate a lot, so plan ahead and you can save over 50 Euros on the train alone.

On Homework:
There isn?t any. We have worksheets that we can complete on our own time if we like, but we aren?t required to turn anything in. I find this nice and also disappointing; I'd like to turn in homework that will be corrected by the teacher, so as be able to check my own mistakes better. On the other hand, the serious student can study the worksheet handed out in every given day (often, if not always, these worksheets have extra fill-ins and activities that weren?t discussed in class).

On Exploring Lyon:
I?ve found a number of excellent places in Lyon (including the internet cafe I?m at right now) thanks to Rick Steve?s France tour guide book. The school does have activities everyday after school, and you should be able to explore the major tourist spots just through those, but the Rick Steve?s guide is great for getting off the major tourist map and finding good wifi bars, cafes, and anything else you might be interested in.

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