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France Study Abroad: Love and French

The people that I?ve met really enjoy knowing where you?re from and why you?re studying French, so make the most of it and practice your French with them!

French in France: Croix-Rousse

“I live in an exceptionally beautiful part of Lyon called Croix-Rousse! There?s a farmer?s market every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it?s the most wonderful farmer?s market you could ever go to!”

Learn French in Lyon: The 14th of July!

The 14th of July in France is like the 4th of July in the USA (except they celebrate a different independence, of course!).

Helpful Additional Materials to Buy

Here are some items I purchased that have been really helpful on my travels!

Weather (And What Not To Wear)

If you like to be in fashion, just leave your shorts and your athletic sneakers at home. If you don?t care about fashion, sure, no don?ts for you! Work those sneakers and see if you can start a fashion trend!

Free Time in Lyon

There?s a great public library in Lyon (near the Part-Dieu metro station) where you
can rent audiobooks to help you learn French.

Calling Home: My Biggest Mistake Yet

Your friends will still be there when you get back, and you need to save your pennies when you?re a student.

Inexpensive Excursions Close to Lyon (Pt. 2)

By Ashley C., guest blogger studying French in Lyon, France Avignon: I don?t think you can look at Google Images of Avignon, and get a feel for whether or not the place is worth visiting. Avignon is just an experience. Everywhere, there are people in costumes who hand out flyers to their next theatre performance.  There… Read more »

Inexpensive Excursions Close to Lyon (Pt. 1)

By Ashley C., guest blogger studying French in Lyon, France I love to travel, but I don?t have a lot of money, and here are some tips that I?ve discovered by talking to locals and making some of my own mistakes. 1) Buy a 50% reduction card if you plan to travel around Lyon on the… Read more »

Lyon Living: A Few Pointers

By Ashley C., guest blogger studying French in Lyon, France Here is a short list of tips based on my first month here that I thought everyone might find helpful for French study in Lyon! Eating:Eat well! This may be entirely obvious to most people, but it wasn?t to me. During my first couple weeks here,… Read more »